Rapid MVP's with Node, Igloo & Eskimo

Speaker: Nick Baugh

Organizer: Shamoon Siddiqui

Nick Baugh will be speaking about best practices for building an MVP and even micro projects rapidly in 30-60 days, and sometimes even just a weekend. Nick will first discuss the problem: Node.js frameworks, and what to watch out for that slows you down. We will then explore share existing solutions and what is missing from them. Finally, we will show off Eskimo and Igloo, and also tips and tricks used to ship quickly with high quality. We will dive into examples that used and proved this stack, tips, and tools by showcasing a variety of Clevertech MVP's in the FinTech, E-commerce and mobile arenas, which were each very unique, but all used Igloo. This is all about hacking something for a pre-MVP version, to get it above and beyond MVP ready.